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Leadership Team Manual

 2021-2022 Leadership Team Manual for All Positions Download

Chapter Change

Do you have members who have dropped from your chapter recently?  Secretary Treasurers should submit changes using the Online Chapter Change Report.

 Chapter Change Report to submit dropped members only.

Performance Improvement Workshops

Chapters and their members are often looking for ways to continuously imrove their business networking and leadership skills.  An in chapter workshop facilitated by one of our Advanced Training Experts can be the ticket to your success!

Learn More about Performance Improvement Workshops

Leadership Team Training

Below are links to the online Leadership Team Trainings hosted in BNI Business Buider as well as direct links to valuable resources for each of the positions.  To enroll in or to assign a Leadership Team Training for a member, please contact us at [email protected]

BNI Video Testimonials

Have you heard great testimonials shared in your chapter meetings?  Forward the link below to have a 60 second chapter testimonial recoreded and customized for your chapter.

magnfi.com Record a Testimonial


bnibranding.com offers a ton of tools, graphics and templates that you can use to help brand yourself and your chapter!

Click Here to Explore

Order Chapter Supplies

There are tons of fun ways to brand your chapter, making it more professional and inviting for visitors!  Below are the best resources to set your chapter appart from the competition.

Order Member Success Kits


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